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Reasons why you should Study Art & Design

Reasons why you should Study Art & Design

Students are usually confused about choosing art & design as their career because they’re not sure about the future that this degree can bring them.

Art & Design is a growing field and we encourage you to become a part of this field because it can bring you many benefits in your future life. Let’s take a look at reasons that will manifest it for you that why you should study art & design:

Multiple kinds of study topics

Art & Design is a fun study because here you get to study different topics including, theater, history, fashion, and sculpture. During an Art & Design, you can study a wide range of different topics.

The students enjoy this diversity of topics and thus they stay engaged to their studies and they can also stretch creative minds for fresh ideas due to the interesting course structure.

Travel abroad

There are many universities that offer the students opportunities to study abroad at least once in a year. This is a great way of enhancing student’s knowledge and skillset.

You may also get the opportunity to travel around the world after the completion of your degree such as Fashion Design.

Transferable Skills

It is believed that a career in the creative sector cannot provide you a highly-paid job, however, you can excel in many different professional roles due to the skills that you learn during your degree.

You learn the way to think independently and creatively, fine-tune skills and exercise your problem-solving capabilities.

Job Opportunities

Graduates can enter into a vast range of occupations. Art & Design opens up a wide range of fields for you such as teaching, TV production, museum curating and illusion etc.

So, don’t think that Art & Design isn’t going to pay you back, like other high-paying degrees. It’s all about passion. If you’re passionate about Art & Design, you’ll never fail at any step in your career.

Things you need to consider before hiring a Designer

Things you need to consider before hiring a Designer

We appreciate that you are willing to hire a Designer. Most of the times the clients cannot explain what they are looking for when they visit designers. If you want to complete your design project with success you must keep a focus on few things before hiring a designer.

Before visiting a designer

Designers aren’t capable of reading your mind so you must keep preparing a sketch in your mind before visiting the designer and then discuss with them everything that you’re looking for so that they may get a better understanding of your project.

So, you must complete your homework before visiting the designer. The designer will be able to deal with you in a better way if you may tell them everything about your project. Putting together a design packet is the perfect way to communicate with the designer.

This packet should include:

  • Your company’s future goals
  • A brief note about the service that your company offers
  • The target market of your company
  • Different kinds of advertisement styles, designs, and logos that you like

Project Specifics

After putting together your design packet you must figure out the job specifics that you need. Here are a few questions that you should take care of:

  • When do you need the designs completed?
  • What is your design budget?
  • Will stock photography be acceptable or do you need custom images?

Things to remember

You must keep these things in mind before hiring a designer:


Everybody wants to save cost on services they are going to buy but you must keep in mind that you get what you pay for, so be very careful when negotiating the price. There is a lot of time required for the custom design work and a good designer will charge you according to his efforts.


You must consider choosing a designer who has worked in the industry that you belong to because they’ll already have an understanding of your market.